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Good news. Apple Maps is absolutely worthless in Tokyo, and is the only thing keeping me from updating my iPhone.
How does the fonts look like? More like iPad 1/2 or closer to retina?
I bet that sometime in a few years, "bragging" will be said "microsofting".
Something that works from MS, indeed a mirage. I really believe that their marketing department deeply know the real value of their company. Or would have someone at MS showed some form of self mocking irony ?\
I'm really looking forward a MS tablet product. Mainly because I could use a good laugh. They're so desperately not getting what a tablet is all about, it's almost touching.
Well...That's how. A man of definitely great insight. I wish he started something like the Monty Pythons, I'm sure his silly views of the future would be funnier than any silly walk.
A keyboard ? A mouse ? Where we're going, we don't need any of them.
Vealy entertaining.
I love nothing more than a good running gag. This might be one of the best. Ever.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, oh boy, this is going to be one of a long and funny crash to oblivion to watch. MS don't even need to try to be funny in their ads. Their complete fail at anything they try just shows how desperate is their cause and how doubtless is their fall. Not to say that there isn't a winner in the commercial industry. Right, Crispin Porter + Bogusky ?
New Posts  All Forums: