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Ok the problem was that bad power corrupted my files. For some reason it works now and im doing an erase and install for everything. Thanks again for the help
couldnt find root user. sleeping and trying again.
didnt work, I guess I have major hardware problems. It did chime a few times but it still wont go past the gray screen
didnt work, same thing happens
i just tried it and it just shut off thanks though
Ok here we go. I bought a macbook pro a year ago. Its been working fine until last week. I cant get it passed the gray screen. Ive backed up all my files on a friends computer so at least I still have that. Ive tried to boot with the operating disk but that has not worked. I can pull it up on another computer but it wont let me repair the drive. I think I plugged it into a bad power outlet and sent a surge to my macbook (it was the first time I did not use a...
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