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evidently you have to reinstall iTunes after upgrading to Leopard in order for it to recognize your iPhone
I recently upgraded to Leopard and now iTunes will not recognize my iPhone.. what do i need to do??
yea thats what its doing.
Have any of you guys been experiencing low battery levels since the 1.1.4 update? The past couple of days my battery has died twice. Also it has been locking up.
I'm thinking about upgrading from 10.4 to Leopard and I want to know if i would have to buy iLife 08 or could i use the older iMovie and iMovie?
A week or so ago i tried iPhone Remote so i could use my mac from my iPhone. and when i went to make a forwarding port i accidently made it an access point and now i can connect to it but not to the internet.. (no router IP shows up) also i cannot access my wirless routers settings..
When my iPhone is connected to my wireless internet it doens't call anyone.. It just acts like theres no service and comes up with the call back and cancel button. any advice?
quicktime movie file. it didn't say about the audio (i clicked the get info button in iTunes)
When I try to convert a video for iPod/iPhone in iTunes it works but there is no audio. It is synced to my iPhone but there's no audio.
your welcome
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