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solipsismx: Passbook DOES have the ability to pop-up automatically when you enter your favorite Starbucks store(s)
I agree! I wish shared photo stream allowed ALL my photos to be shared to particular users :|
It has been stated by Anandtech that even at the non-optimal resolutions, it still looks crisper/better than the older displays (even 1680x1050 high-density optional displays). Apple is applying 2x resolution on the resolution you choose, then downscaling from there. Much different than just taking the 2x graphic assets and downscaling it.
LOL, good catch
I tried to restore a Time Machine backup to a slightly newer MBP yesterday from an older MBP's backup last night and it didn't work. I assume I should go back to the old MBP, update Lion with this supplemental update, run Time Machine .... then try the restore again on the newer MBP? * what was happening was that after Time Machine finished restoring on the new MBP, it would just hang at the Apple Logo boot screen
- Logs are missing now - you can't configure IPv6 settings
What happens if you share an iTunes Store account with multiple family members? How would this work in relation to iTunes Match? Would each iTunes library get stored online? How do you manage this?
still no word about doing a clean install?
^ true, but that doesn't necessarily suggest ARM (A4/A5) processors are on it's way to AEBS ... though admittedly, that would be pretty nifty!
Has to be one of the most beautiful office buildings in the world!!! Curved glass, lots of open land, mostly underground parking .... wow!
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