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I think the biggest question mark is ... will it allow for STREAMING to iOS devices?
Am I the only one that thinks the leather-bound metaphor is wrong on a desktop OS? Brushed metal looks great compared to this :|
too grey on the left column, and the icon is hideously out of place in the dock :|
Will flash work with HDR?
Same here, I wonder what happened to them. Someone earlier mentioned privacy concerns with sending URLs to google...... ?
Supposedly the feature was included, but I don't remember where I read it from. If not, hopefully Michael Rothwell's current IMAP-IDLE plug-in for Mail will continue to work .... but I would really prefer something proper from Apple
Does anyone know if the new Mail supports IMAP-IDLE?
Greetings, I'm planning to travel out of the country soon and was wondering if there was an easy-ish way to set up one of my macs here at home to run some sort of proxy server? Ideally, I would be able to log in remotely from out of the country into the Mac, and access things such as Skype (calls are free, but they must originate from within the USA). any ideas?
How about color accuracy [for graphic designers/video editors] with the glossy screens?
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