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I just wish Apogee's price weren't so high, because ENSEMBLE looks SEXY!
any word on how exactly we are able to do audio recording? is there an extra option in the "extras" .... or is this feature going to be limited to 3rd party accessories?
Hopefully Apple will let third party developers [like El Gato (EyeTV)] tap into this system. That way we can pull up our recorded TV shows from EyeTV.
is it already in Apple stores?
I've wondered about this too .... I don't think they do
I ALMOST bought an iPod today ... but the iPod mini's weren't updated. .... soon
and i've never met anyone who used MSN.
Greetings, I'm trying to help out a local chiropractor by trying to do an email campaign for the local area (los angeles) ...... .... are there such things as companies that can help target a local market for emailing? (through an email list maybe?) Something that's targeted, and not just a mass email (I don't want to spam). Any ideas? (companies in mind?) Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
supposedly, someone on macnn claims it's build 8A428.
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