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proof: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/re...ssage=13191208
I just saw the iPod mini in person, and COMPLETELY agree that the colors are way too "plastic" looking. The old colors were MUCH better.
Does anyone feel that the cap is not a good idea for the iPod shuffle? Wouldn't it be relatively easy for the cap to pop off when it's on the lanyard? thus, you lose the iPod shuffle since it's connected to the cap, and not the string. ???
is this still the case with the newer 802.11g routers [linksys/dlink/apple base station]? (that it drops to 802/11b speeds if one device is present) I remembered this was the case when 802.11g was first becoming available and was just wondering if that's still the case. ?
Are you saying viruses and spyware don't run rampant on the Windows platform? Are you saying everyone using Windows platform are computer savvy and 'knows what they are doing'? Do most users know not to use Internet Explorer? Most Windows users know 'not to open email attachments'? etc. etc. etc.
Did vonage just implement this new feature: where if your internet/vonage phone is not working, it'll automatically send the phone call to your backup phone number [mobile/different phone] that's stated in your account? also, is there a way to put a splitter on the phone #1 port on the phone adapter, so you can use a fax machine for [very occassional] faxing w/out having to unplug the phone line connected to port #1 every time you want to fax? hope someone...
the iPod shuffle will format to FAT32 by default, and can be used as a thumbdrive, and you're able to dictate how much space is used for music and data in iTunes.
http://www.macworld.com/news/2005/0...onder/index.php is there a reason why this device won't have the video latency (so that it will be able to be used for gaming consoles on the mac) ...... and the original EyeTV USB DOES have latency?
TWO 20" displays? or ONE 23" display? :X
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