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interesting!...... 16-bit/96khz! how long can it record for before stopping? how long before apple cuts this option off?
Can you mount the iPod [using the dock to USB connector] on Windows 2000 w/out any drivers to install? how about for Windows 98? I'm trying to skip buying one of those thumb-sized usb drives, and using the iPod to transfer files from one computer to another quickly .... [and various locations] having to install drivers would not work, as that's too much trouble.
http://www.thinksecret.com/news/tigerfindersystem.html under the section about faxes
bought myself an airport express
you ARE able to "share your fax machine" but I believe it'll be implemented in Tiger.
The AlchemyTV DVR doesn't have latency? can anyone confirm?
have you tried AdBLock for Firefox? WAAAYYYY better. and much easier to block inline-Ads on-the-fly ..... [including the ability to easily block flash ads]
I have the EyeTV USB. it works beautifully! Has anyone tried the AlchemyTV products? I'm getting a Powermac on the next purchase, and would prefer an internal device instead of the EyeTV's external boxes. How's the interface of Alchemy? And how's the TV schedule interface? [do they use TitanTV?]
[congrats on the baby!!] This is a feature I've been wanting for awhile in iPhoto [and the ability to add movie clips from digital cameras]. This one time, I scrolled thru an album with my father, and he accidently saw a photo he shouldn't have seen. [we'll leave it @ that ] anywho, the ability to keep the photo in the album, but have it locked would be nice. and you would have to enter a password to view the photo.
Adblock for Firefox is WAYYYY easier and better than PithHelmet for Safari! 95% of the time I use Safari, but Adblock is VERY tempting!!! I only wish it was ported to Safari!!! It's the first adblocker that's actually easy to configure ON THE FLY.
New Posts  All Forums: