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also, opening multiple tabs [10+] in firefox is faster than safari. Safari is very slow if you have a heavy-graphic webpage loading, and you want to open up a new tab and have that page load up to. I'm also tossed between safari + firefox. I like and use both, but keep all my bookmarks in safari, and use firefox when I'm bored or with websites that have a lot of flash/animated gifs ......
Can someone explain why some of the most LIBERAL states [massachusetts] have the lowest divorse rates? While some of the most CONSERVATIVE states [oklahoma] have the highest divorse rates? hmmm ....... does god approve of these actions?
wal-mart presents .....
How about if that's your significant other who's about to DIE? you think you won't be turned away?
how can you even say that? you don't see that you sound like an ignorant POS?
remember that marijuana doesn't HAVE to be smoked. you can eat it also...... a la brownies
if given the choice, would you rather have alcohol be legal and not marijuana? or the way it is now? [can you see the ignorance in your post?] blind-sided. \
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