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How is gay marriage equated to that of polygamy? Gay marriage involves TWO consensual people who happens to be of the same sex. PERIOD. no one else's business. About the part of marrying relatives: there's major consequences for breeding within your same gene pool. That's an actual PHYSICAL/REAL threat.
and please assess WHY you don't like it.
Neo, are you religious? just curious.
I seriously don't understand how alcohol is legal and marijuana is not.
Alaska | Measure 2: Legalizing Marijuana Would legalize the cultivation, use and sale of marijuana for persons 21 and older; the state and local government would regulate marijuana like alcohol and tobacco; doctors would be able to prescribe @#$% to all patients, including children; public use laws could be enacted by the government as well as laws in the interest of public safety. It lost, but it was (relatively) close. 57% = no 43% yes Interesting.
Los Angeles, CA. Central Library *early voting* Kerry/Edwards Local propositions 66 (three strikes) - NO 67 (emergency medical services) - NO 68 (tribal gambling) - NO 69 (DNA sampling) - NO 70 (tribal gaming) - NO 71 (stem cell) - YES 72 (health care) - NO
you really think everyone has that type of support system, and that they know someone that would be willing to take upon such a huge burden?
Awhile back, Apple + Mozilla said they were going to combine forces to create an 'extensions' standard for their browsers........ for those using Firefox, you can currently use AdBlock, which is the best on-the-fly ad blocker I've EVER (by far) used. I'm primarily a Safari user, so hopefully when Apple updates Safari to incorporate 'extensions' we'll be able to use AdBlock ...
.... and his answer to the anti-abortion question was perfect!!!!! Bush's answer was cryptic @ best....
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