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Finally .... the stem cell questions
for the next dbate(s) try watching the NBC broadcast.
is the animated gif problem tied in with the poor (high cpu hit) on shockwave pages?
Exactly [!!!!] what I was thinking.
I agree with your situation! I personally was about to buy Logic Pro 6 [I have Logic PLatinum 5] ..... and with today's unexpected announcement, Apple saved me from buying Logic Pro 6 and upgrading straight to Logic Pro 7. There really should be a different upgrade pricing for Logic Pro 6 users. Though I don't have Logic Pro 6, I completely understand the frustration of recent Logic Pro 6 users who upgraded.
Anyone know if the GUI changed much on Logic Pro 7?
anyway to find out what the card looks like?
I'm hoping it will include seamless/continguous playback for mixed music (not the merge into one file crap that is currently being used) [on both iTunes + iPods]
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