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that's exactly what I was thinking when Roxio announced this. VERY surprising they would dump their software business to concentrate on this. I wonder how they'll fair ....
on the menu on the side, there's a link to their affiliates ... but I still don't see Apple on there? :X
does anyone know why the Package Tracking plug-in is not there for Sherlock? [I believe it was in the initial photos of sherlock before panther]
I saw both the 17" + 20" @ the Old town Pasadena store. 17" = looked decent [better than previous generation] 20" = looked really monstrous.
I don't think you're able to, as Apple haven't released Windows Drivers .....!!!!!!
when did apple start adding voice-capable modems? [just now?] because I don't think my Powerbook 667 DVI is capable of that .... or maybe so?
Is there a ram module that's CL2 at 512MB [SODIMM 144-pin]? I've only seen CL3, but not CL2 at that size. ?
Is there a reason RAM has to be installed in pairs [reminds me of way back]?
.....is it possible to change the port ARD listens to on the client? I have multiple client computers behind a NAT router. Sincec ARD listens on port 3683, it won't work in this situation. any ideas?
If one had two drives (exactly the same) on two separate channels ..... would it benefit to put the swap file on the 2nd drive? specifically: would it benefit when doing intensive I/O applications like Audio / Video Editing
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