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any chance apple & amd would get together to do a 32-bit/64-bit mac version of the hammer? :_X
thanks for the help! sorry i didn't make it clear above, my apologies... i meant from os 9 to os x. thanks! :_
could you use a "full version" to do a mac os "upgrade"? or can you only get an upgrade to do an upgrade?
what ever happened to the OrangeMicro PC-compatibility card?
is the "c" key the control key, or the actual C key on the keyboard? is there an apple bios? [like on pcs] does it matter what program you use to format your drive? [matter = as in performance of the drive] is the partition un-changable, even using os x? [or are you referring to os x?] also, if I use a ata-133 card instead of the onboard ide, will the system detect the card first, and then the hd okay? *woo* that's a lotta questions hopefully my installation will...
Was wondering........ if I bought an ata-133 card, apple is okay to boot that up first & recognize that first [with the OS on it], right? maybe i can bypass the whole ata-66 thing of apple's, & just get a pci card so I can use a WD 120jb drive........ ???
was wondering..... if you put in a new hard drive, how does the mac bios/system recognize there's a new drive, and if you want to install os x, by putting the CD in the drive, will it automatically start installing it? thanks!! [finally made the switch, and before I get the mac, i would like to know how to rip it apart & re-do it, getting it refurbished]
was wondering if OS X had a limit as to how big of a hard drive it can handle? how many slots can the quicksilver/sawtooth G4's can accomodate? thanks!!!
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