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I too have had problems with the 4S. I am disappointed by the bad battery issue and I must constantly have a charger around. I am hopeful that this is a software issue and this problem is solved soon. I love the phone overall but this battery issue is problematic.
I have owned all the models of the iPhone from the first one and iPhone 4S is the worst on battery life. I surely hope there is a fix coming because my phone does not make it beyond noon before another charge is necessary. My iPhone 4 was far superior in battery life.
I have had all the iPhone versions. While I am not experiencing the heating problems, the battery life is truly horrible. Every 4 hours I have to find a place to recharge my phone. Its unfortunate and I hope there is an apple solution. Additionally since downloaded the update, when my address book synch's it overloads my CPU processor on my new MacBook Pro...
Recently I downloaded the new update for iCloud and the other updates. Ever since I did this, my computer has been running slower and the "spinning wheel" is a regular visitor now. As I checked the utility function, the CPU seems to spike on Address Book and ICal... Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Please advise.
My second note today.... The sadness lingers! So very sad to have to face the fact that he is no longer here! Such an icon...
I truly respected he man.... We have all lost a lot..
I really like the new mail. There are no major changes, but the opportunity to have Mailbox information on the left margin is easier to visually navigate and I think that is great. Although a huge Apple fan, I had always thought MicroSoft's mail was better in that regard.
I would love to know if anyone has a recommendation for a Business Card Scanner. I downloaded a AAABY on my iPhone but it always causes synching problems with my computer. I have lost contacts this way so I am trying to look for a direct to my MacBook Pro card scanner.. Could anyone make any recommendations?? Thank you in advance
I love Apple products but lets not fool ourselves. They are making big inroads. if Apple does not choose another carrier, Android will own the top Smartphone spot. The HTC is a reputable device even though I love my iPhone4... Maybe this competition will keep Apple honest and not taking customers for granted...
I agree on the battery life. Mine is far shorter than my previous 2g, or 3G. Different than what you mention however, my charges pretty fast. I am having to charge mid-day from the start of the morning. Puzzling...
New Posts  All Forums: