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I have loved Apple but I could not help but feel people were crazy to wait in those kinds of lines... I felt it was crazy considering in a short time, people could have it without hassle. apple should find a better method, this actually turns me off. Very unfortunate and I have several Apple products
I have had the same experiences.... I knew there would be a lot of traffic, which is why I got up early this morning. I love Apple but it is sad to see the product launch fail... Makes you want to question if beloved Apple is now too big.... I hope they get it together because I love the products. Hopefully these issues are not caused by AT&T. One day, hopefully soon, we will not be carrying this ball and chain around forever.
It is truly a big mistake to note have the clock & Alarm function on the iPad. Why is this such a big deal to not have..... It is on the phone???? Wow Apple, come on....
you have got to get Keynote if you do presentations. Its amazing. Bento is good on iPad. MyLists, Pandora, Thomson Reuters, Notes. I enjoy my iPad and you will not be sorry.
I have had my iPad 64G for a couple weeks now and cannot say enough great stuff about it. I use it for presentations a lot and it has been great. This device with Keystone while sitting at a lunch table with clients is too good to be true. From my use through 2 weeks, here are some things I think would make it even better. 1. Allow the Apple remote that comes with computer work on the iPad. This helps when the iPad is in front of clients and not me. Also consider...
I agree the number of apps available are small. I am hoping with a little time, this will be corrected. I am patient because I do not know what it takes to increase the size from iPhone to iPad.. I anxiously await more apps..
something is wrong with this story... Obama is on record for having Jay-Z on his iPod and we know he was addicted to his blackberry.... I think this is a speech, written by others, that he simply read...
it is unfortunate that Apple has the ball and chain AT&T.. Iphone sales would be massive if they open iphone to other phone companies. This seems to be a repeat of Apple Microsoft all over.... I have great respect for Apple but I do not get this continued reliance on AT&T.... AT&T sucks..
I haven't received my ipad 3G 64 yet. I ordered but it is not here yet. I do a lot of presentations in my role. Could anyone tell me if while using Keynote, the slides can be advanced remotely? I would not like to hover over the pad while presenting... Has anyone tried yet? Please advise
Provided Apple could provide conversion to MicroSoft systems, I could care less about MicroSoft anything. I only want the conversion in the event I send things to colleagues that still use MicroSoft machines. Try as I might, some still refuse to buck the corporate sway... I will be buying my iPad later this month to get the 3G. Go Apple..... Lets get this iPad rocking and then get to iPhone 4 going..
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