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Here is my list of improvement suggestions 1. The ability to delete and clear individul recent phone calls 2. The To Do list is critical for business 3. A "Find" feature for contacts instead of constant scrolls 4. Better Bluetooth Features 5. Louder Ringing - I cannot hear it in loud places and I miss calls.. (Frustrating) 6. Allow Ringtones from Itunes 7. Landscape ability on all features. I love the phone but several improvements are needed.
Also, concerning the calendar function it would be nice if a task function triggered by date due is included. In the calendar and task arena, Microsoft has done a superior job to apple. I use my phone for business and gave up all things MIcrosoft for Apple. I am happy with the change but calendar is an area primed for better capability, especially on the phone but also on OS X (One and the same)
look up www.marware.com I like their options the best. Wish you well, tutumiles1
please add Chess and Solitare.... these are great in airports...
New Posts  All Forums: