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Mobile Mw continues to cause my phone continued problems and I agree that the Apple Brand is taking a hit. I think it is okay to not be perfect, but quick and excellent repair is going to be the determinate if Apple will continue to demand a premium price. The apps for the iPhone are good but they need work! I am being patient but I sure hope Apple improves. I was going to upgrade from my 2G to the 3G but until things improve, I will not buy the new phone.
you could not be more correct and prescient.... the iPhone REALLY needs it
Mine takes a long time as well... I have not been able to do one sync without it taking 2 hours.... Absolutely terrible.
I am hating MobileMe right now myself. it is slow and buggy.
I have one of the first generation phones as well and indeed 2.0 is buggy. I also find Mobile Me is a nightmare thus far. Apple has a lot of its plate to solve as a result of the 3G Release. I was going to pass my 1st generation phone down to my kid and get the 3G but I am not hearing enough positives yet on functionality. Please keep the feedback of your experiences going.
it is unfortunate that the positives that could surround the introduction of this much awaited serious upgrade has to be attached to a lame grab for additional profit. Yes, Apple has loyal followers to which I am one, but continued testing of those loyalty waters will run thin. It is unfortunate that competitors are asleep at the wheel.
Samab, I agree with your last point. While the App Store can be the answer for all things not done, it is simply a bad miss on Apples part. Voice dialing has been around for years now. Apples user interface is the best on the market right now but ultimately things will boil down to apps that the consumer needs. it is great that Apple has provided a great platform and it is interesting to see how long it will take other phone makers to come up with a better designed product...
it is a good law for California and a major miss on Apple's part to not have voice dialing as a feature of the phone it touts as more advanced. I own the iPhone but I miss voice dialing as a feature because it really does help. Also, the iPhone is very much specific touch oriented. I don't mean to constantly knock the iPhone as I do enjoy the experience of it but there are practical components that need attention. I am a loyal Apple guy but it would not be insulting to the...
analysts always prove that it is more important to listen to your instincts than to the "talking heads". His logic completely neglects people like me who want the iphone for business capacity, have a Nano for the gym, but also own the 160GB for a large music collection that I like to carry with me on business Trips. Ipods will continue to progress towards delivering music and video and iPhones will chase our multiple mobile cellular needs. If Apple listens to customer...
Boss, I think you are so correct in Apple's lack of understanding with how user's use a good "To Do" list. It may seem simple for those you only want a list, but they are invaluable for people who lead a busy business environment. This is not demeaning the desires that others have stated but it is to speak to the seriousness of the function. iCal is not as robust as the calendar function as MicroSofts calendar apps.
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