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Should I switch to the additional capacity, I will miss the elegance of the silver brush metal... I would have paid for the quality, not all of us are subscribers to the Wal-Mart cheaper philosophy. I firmly believe in buying quality and letting it last.
AKAC, maybe you are correct. It is simply hard to see leaving this functionality out when you are dealing with business productivity which is the foundation of push email and a host of other features. Anyhow, a month will tell
I to think not having notes and a "to do" list is a major miss! In the past when many were debating the phone being a business tool, it did not matter. Now that there is an appeal to the business community, it is sorely missed. It has been one of my bigger disappoints to the iPhone. I am praying that some third party developer is on the case.... No way Apple was listening to customers on this matter.... Then again, maybe they do not care.
i think it is great that the device is faster but as an original owner, I am not motivated to buy a new phone. I am hopeful that the app store will have some of the features that I find really helpful but I have to be honest and say i am overly impressed! The Exchange stuff will be good on the corporate side but Apple still has some big misses on that side. Hopefully the Apple store will fill the gap
Is there any indications of when any of the native apps, written by others is expected to hit? I would have thought that many of the companies that developed the web apps would be pretty far along. I could sure use some of those applications as the native capability of the existing phone is okay but lacking, there are serious missing capabilities that i am hoping to get from the additional development.
Before everyone predicts the dealt of BB, the iPhone has a lot of work to undergo. I like the phone but I am definitely going without features that I previously had on other smartphones. I want the iPhone to be successful and I would even move up to the 16gb over the 8 because I will add a lot of apps but I am expecting a lot more from the phone than I feel we have... We do not have to be Apple Butt Boys and can speak to the obvious things missing. Apple needs to get back...
I would buy voice recognition from anyone.... I hope MicroSoft goes forward... It seems Apple is not listening on this solution so I think it is a good idea to get it wherever it is available. I view the iPhone as a computer I purchased and like other computers, I add applications which help my goals. While I am a big supporter of things Apple, the iPhone needs more native apps to be business helpful and currently it is not. I like the phone but it has work to do.
I see the same problems as well.
great laugh, lets hope it does not take the introduction of a Microsoft phone to get the good folks at Apple to put forth an upgrade that really gives us the business features we need.
please do provide the "to do" list application. I am interested in the native application as going to the web for this use seems nuts! EVERY smartphone microsoft app have a "to do" list. How lame of Apple to make us wait this long for something so basic.
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