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I agree with the gist of this text that to not have a stand alone "to do" list is a huge miss for Apple. I am praying for SDK development as Apple seems to not be listening to user requests.
I have not heard of this rumor, is there any data to back this thought up?
I went to the genius bar to get some help in how to move my Itunes music resident on my MacBook Pro to an eternal drive as my 80 gig of my own music was taking up too much of my memory. I got some bad advice and now my music is deleted on my MacBook but still on the iPOd. I would like to take the music off the iPOd back to my MacBook only to have it end on the external. I have tried Senuti but I am not having luck. I has Leopard loaded, an external 250G drive, and a...
I agree with others 16G but the same phone and none of the many add's that would justify a new purchase. I am staying with my 8G and still waiting for something to make me go for a new iPhone.... Long way to go folks.
With the latest update it is obvious that Apple continues to discourage some of the early forays by enterprising companies to fill the gap that Apple has in the iPhone. The latest update nullified iToner for ringtones. In one way it is really sad that programming time at Apple is spend thwarting those things we want but which they are denying us. How about the much larger demanded updates like voice, to do list, synching notes, and the many other issues quoted widely on...
Mike, I am not sure I agree with your premise that people will not be on board for the PDA. Heaven knows a lot of PDA devices are sold and their omnipresence seems slated to grow more. In the event however that people want stripped down phone only devices, it should be easy to accomplish. As a marketing person, I would leave that commodity market segment alone as it is only governed by price and there are always "cheap" options with an inability to distinguish yourself...
the crappy thing about this offering is that it is for Windows users only. The company does a REALLY shi_ ty job of explaining that in the advertisements. I made the mistake of ordering before realizing that fact since I got the information from an Apple forum. (Big Mistake) Getting someone to return a call or respond to email is outright impossible. My recommendation is to pass on this inconsiderate bastards.... There are other options that I am seeking now.
thanks Aegis..... Not much to be excited about..
Whm], yes I know on the phone side of things but there seems to be no Bluetooth phone - to Mac Computer purposes yet... Have you made any of these kinds of connections/applications.
I was recently setting up a wireless mouse on my computer when I noticed there is Bluetooth references to the iPhone. I tried setting this function up but could not. Could anyone explain what services are offered or available to make such a Bluetooth connection and possibly how you are using it? Thanks in advance...
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