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Disagree. I imagine the "key" peripheral device might be a beat-up, old USB flash drive in the safe. Or a cable that's upstairs in the kitchen, used to charge an iPhone, but you plug it into the computer downstairs when you want to reset a password. The possibilities are endless. You could dream up all kinds of things that a thief would never guess.
'Historic', not 'historical'.
Think cloud OS, not cloud file storage. These guys are OS experts...
  I believe that these were indeed men in black, but that their names were Jake and Elwood. 
Can anyone explain how AT&T is getting away with this? "Similar" to 4G is not 4G. Speeds are numerically defined -- and yes, yes, I know that the standards are not widely agreed-to just yet. But a 3rd grader could understand that 3G + a little more, is not the same as 4G.
So which part is this? It's obviously the front and back of the same part, but the article is vague on whether this is the new part or the old. From what little description is given, this appears to be the iPad2 part, as it makes 90-degree turns twice. Then again, even if both old and new parts were shown, I'm not sure what this would tell us. I'm just confused.
Of course this had to be their first iOS game. It's clearly an homage to OS X . . . Let's see if they've covered all of the OS X's in the game: Cheetah - check Puma - not yet Jaguar - check Panther - check Tiger - check Leopard - check Snow Leopard - check (clouded leopard) Lion - check Seven out of eight . . . not bad. :-)
Pictures out yet?
I find it interesting that every commenter here seems so interested in discussing the merits of GC, or whether or not another poster is a troll. Am I the only one who finds this story interesting because it describes a trojan that targets a specific group of people, or two groups, one of which is likely to use graphics conversion tools to help them acquire and trade illegal materials? Is this gov't-produced, social engineering spyware? Are these pthc people using bitcoin...
That badge could also mean, "You have voicemail." It probably means 'missed call', though, as in: "You rumor cats missed something."
New Posts  All Forums: