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Disappointed the server side is windows only. Really?? Anyway it was easy to get up and running and I'm now printing to my Canon iRA 5045 with no issues.
Too much detail? You can see all the imperfections where as a lower quality camera will make those imperfections less noticeable. Like how HD porn requiers more makeup, etc to make people look better.
Apple's best long term succession plan would be to start cultivating more talent internally instead of hiring from outside.
So my understanding of CDMA technology is that it can not handle voice and data at the same time. This goes against a lot of the multitasking functionality of the iphones. Additionally. Doesn't facetime use 3G voice + data (wifi for now, 3g later) to make a video call? This doesn't seem technically possible on CDMA.
Unlikely... They need FCC approval first. FCC files are public. They won't show them before they show us. Isnt this why we had to wait for the first 3 models and the iPad?
This may be because when people buy these they made the employees put them on. If the employee messes up who's responsible? Instead of having to say "no we can't put them on for you" they can now say "no we don't stock them because they really aren't necessary, but if you really want them you can buy them online." Plus it takes time to do and isn't an apple product to begin with.
Good point. Watching this reminded me of an Encarta demo from the early 90s. People kept saying "it's going to change the way children learn and knowledge is shared!" Well not so much. I realize the technology is different and the internet makes updates easier and not having to drag a class of kids to a computer lab isl going to make adopting easier, but there is still going to be a lot of barriers to overcome before technology replaces print. But man knowing my kids...
The "sexual" apps that have been on the app store are more stupid novelties for a 13 year old boys. They are the digital equivalent of a Spencer Gifts store at the mall. I mean really, how many "adults" are going to get their kicks adding "jiggle points" to breasts. That said I don't think it should be banned from the store, just hide it from the front page and take it out of the "top" lists and standard search. Make the "adult" area opt it only.
Unplug a MacBook Pro and browse any flash based "tube" site for about 20 minutes and watch your battery hemorrhage juice as it sounds like a jet is taking off.
Let's count how many time Steve says "iPhone on steroids" today,
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