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There are easier ways to steal Windows.
If you care to watch some of the ads from japan: http://www.apple.com/jp/iphone/gallery/ads
When it comes to OS I think the most important thing to look at is what kind of binaries will it run - iPhone or Mac? Honestly I think it will take a lot more work to scale up the OS and apps from the iphone to a tablet then it will be to scale down OS X and mac apps. If you think about it Snow Leopard was probably the first step in slimming down OS X to run on a tablet. Better power management, smaller footprint etc. I would expect a specialized version of Snow...
Woah an analyst that makes sense! Who would have thought? Everyone has been drinking the Verizon/iPhone koolaid, but nothing about that ever made any sense. T-Mobile is a logical choice and would be best for consumers and apple. It would mean very little (if any change) to the iPhone hardware itself and allow for some (hopefully aggressive) price competition. Verizon isn't happening people, at least not in the next 2 years. Get over it.
Also, their last attempt at this ended well http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sony_Connect
Save Our Sony
This keeps coming up, but I never understood why people have so many issues paying. I'm a shy guy, but really? The employees generally don't bother you until you talk to them, which is low pressure and refreshing. When you're ready to pay all you do it walk up to ANYONE who works there and say "I need to pay." It's not enough to just look at them, "use your words mini-me!" They either help you or get someone who can and within 2 minutes you're out the door. It's...
How is this any different than using any other credit card terminal or even the internet? I doubt CC info is stored on the device locally. It's on a server and transmitted with encryption. That doesn't make it any more or less "safe" than any other transaction processing method.
I bet the next version of the iphone and ipod touch see the home button changed to a D-pad. It would be awesome for gaming and navigating table views.
View from google streetview: http://tinyurl.com/yzx6bpr It's covering that whale mural, on the side of a major highway. The mayor, who is running for re-election is very particular about things like this. I'm not surprised he is involved.
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