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Umm, Maybe I'm missing something, but wouldn't the smart thing to do is provide these for free and essentially allow the user base expand the shitty network for them? This would be great in a large city, events, office buildings, etc where traffic is already strained. 1. AT&T provides the hardware free to a user who plugs it into their broadband connection. 2. Resulting 3G signal is accessible to anyone within a small radius. Throttling could allow only a few calls...
It's reading stories like this that I really miss "As the Apple Turns."
Woah, someone needs to take a chill pill. No one is that excited about this because it's not new. Talk of an Apple MVNO goes back to 2005. See http://www.engadget.com/2005/07/08/a...eless-carrier/ and http://www.forbes.com/2005/07/08/app...0708apple.html Additionally the patent was reviled early last year http://www.macrumors.com/2008/04/10/...d-possibility/ It's an interesting idea, but would require the hardware to do a lot more network negotiation, which might not...
I'm hoping the DNS issues are resolved along with support for xerox workcentre printers.
Unless I missed something the account of the story never said that there was any other force involved other than dropping it. It doesn't sound like there was a fireball or the battery leaked chemicals everywhere. It sounds like someone dropped their iPod and it "exploded" meaning it broke into a bunch of little pieces and like most people they probably had one of those "oh shit" moments where they instantly try to figure out what happened and how it wasn't their fault. ...
This article completely ignores that fact that the current hardware will not work on Verizon. Sure people might switch as contracts expire with AT&T if there is new, subsidized hardware on verizon. I would not expect the stampede they seem to be implying. At least not in switchers from AT&T, maybe Verizon will see a stampede in upgrades.
If you're on a PC you can give cameramouse a try. You can control the mouse with your eyes or face. It's really not that useful if you can use your hands, but motion gestures for things like moving to the next page might be cool... a guess, if not a little strange looking to witness. http://cameramouse.org/index.html
Still not clear... I thought you could upgrade after 18 months... so December for those who bought last July?? But I guess if you spend more than the basic plan $85 vs $99 then you can upgrade 6 months early. This is still not very clear. So now do I still have to wait for December or am i bumped up an arbitrary number of months (3, maybe?). I'll add a $20 txt plan to the plan for a month then remove it if I can get a new phone 6 months early....
I'm hoping to add "Matte Screens" to the list of things apple has taken away from us only to give back sometime later to huge applause.
Agreed, quartz composed is one of the most under appreciated technologies apple has ever released.
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