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For WWDC: I Expect Phil and the others to spend the first 75 minutes talking about 10.6 and iPhone 3.0 software (this is a dev conference after all) and the last 15 minutes to be Steve coming out and talking about the new iPhone hardware and thanking everyone. (Followed by 8 minutes of some random pseduo-indy-pop music act )
Went to see "Up" last night in 3D. Good movie overall. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't show the traditional Pixar short for the feature, in this case "Partly Cloudy." I was there well before the previews even started. Anyone else get short changed? I'm a little pissed I paid $15 to see this film in 3D and missed part of the experience. The theater was the Regal Fenway 13 in Boston.
Send the info to the user, not the cops... Cops don't care if the user left it somewhere by accident or if it was taken from a backpack in a high school for instance. They might care more if your apartment or car was broken into. If there is evidence that you are a victim in a string of crimes by the criminal it's more likely the police will care about that iPhone info since it's more likely the whoever took it is a "professional" theif and not just some kid who took...
Well instead of buying an iPhone ($200) and a full tablet (probably around the $1000 price point) you would just need an iPhone and this expansion (for say $500).
What if Apple made a iPhone expansion device to act as a full tablet? The iPhone provides the processing power, os, camera, and other communication hardware. The tablet accessory provides a larger (maybe 3.5x - 4x larger) touch screen display, additional battery, and perhaps additional storage space. It would be only slightly thicker than the iphone (the thickness of the iphone plus casing with touchscreen display). When users want a bigger screen for web browsing,...
That worked out well for the folks at Crossfire. Jon Stewart can make his point anywhere because unlike most of the talking heads on TV he knows his stuff and is passionate about it.(In case you missed it ... and it was off the air by the end of the year after being on CNN for 23 Years.
I understand there are regional lisensing issues at play but why the hell can't the music industry pull their colletive heads out of their asses and realize people are willing to pay for music not from their own country. You'd think they would be all over new revenue streams. The movie/television industry is slowly catching on. Are they scared that Jpop, german techno, and brazillian pop music might catch on in the states? I honestly don't get it.
You're right because nothing like that would ever happen in America. If an American hacker found the algorithm he would sell it to a shady business person who would then generate thousands of codes and create a ponzi scheme of iTunes digital codes and it would all be great until apple flipped the switch and the whole thing came crashing down bringing with it the insurance companies who were insuring bogus iTunes codes. Ok maybe I'm exaggerating (a little).
Then scroll down and see they are both 2.0GHz and they are 2.0GHz on the store page... odd.
I think there is a difference here. Apple's strategy and position in 2001 was not the same as it is today. iTunes for windows was 2 years behind XP, not because they were dragging their feet but because in 2002 they were selling iPods so people would have to use it with a mac (the mac was the center of the digital life, remember?) Windows was not part of the equation. Thankfully Apple figured out that if you get the iPod in front of lots of people they might start to...
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