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There better be Matte. I have a rather large order planned for my company early next year, but if they aren't matte then we aren't buying them. Can someone explain to me why glossy is so popular these days?
Maybe something to do with this.... http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post...ere-group.html
I thought this update was supposed to include push notification features?
Clearly you have already "taken an interest." Why? What drew you to the macbook pro as an option? The advantages are great, if they are things you would take advantage of... iLife, front row, mobileme, ease of use, product support at the retail stores. Something sparked your interest, so you probably already have some idea why you are considering it.I support an office of about 25 macs and 35 pcs. Word, Powerpoint, and Excel files are traded daily with no problems. ...
Old people want Seinfeld and young people want FREE PIZZA!
For real. While Seinfeld is still funny, his Primetime tv days are over. And who wants to see Bill Gates interacting with him? Microsoft is looking more and more desperate these days to keep up it's image with consumers.
Just tried it out. Works great over WiFi or 3G. Now can still access my phone music collection without even loading it onto my iphone. I wonder what it does to the battery life....
I think just about everyone (developers and consumers) are really tired of 13 year olds commenting on every app they come across without even trying it. They base their "review" of the price, description, and screenshots. I think it's only a matter of time before Apple limits "reviews" to people who bought / downloaded the app first.
After 12 years.... [http://www.pcauthority.com.au/News/1...ervitude.aspx] Could someone have gotten the wrath of Jobs after the rocky launch of MobileMe?
If you are able to turn the iPod the buttons will rotate too... that doesn't seem very Apple like since first, the direction and words will rotate too and now instead of up being menu it will be next, etc??? How do you solve that problem, why an accelerometer and a touch screen - iPod Touch Nano.
New Posts  All Forums: