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You can also call AppleCare and have them ship you a replacement cord and mail them back the broken one.
If you are replacing a broken part covered by applecare you have to see a genius so that they can varify the applecare status, test the part, and file the nessessary paperwork. If the broken power cord was not covered by applecare and therefore not a replacement then you can pick it up off the shelf and have any "blue shirt" ring you up since you are playing full retail price for it.
Some of these recent "reports" have been reading like high school homework assignments.
Between AppleCare, Home or Renters insurance, and any CC insurance you might have what extra protection would this provide?
Who cares, use email and then its free and you can send to a phone or a computer, everyone wins. MMS is a gimmicky rip off (not that SMS isn't a rip off, but at least it is more useful).
I took this the other day, images are a little fuzzy when you don't steady your arm on something. http://i34.tinypic.com/r0zbr4.jpg
That's great if you've only downloaded a few apps, but I'd rather not have to go hunting for everything I download (free or paid) - which is about 15 apps for as at this point.
Just figured it out. Right click on the iphone in iTunes and select "Transfer Purchases" The first time it only transferred 3 apps. I unplugged the iPhone and repeated the process and everything coped back to iTunes fine. Apple KB: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1848
I bought a couple things from the App store on my new iPhone yesterday, but when I plug it into iTunes and sync (i've done this now 5 times) it refuses to copy my purchased applications to iTunes. I thought it should be doing this as backup in case the iPhone needs to be restored... A free app I downloaded in iTunes to copy to the iPhone is listed in iTunes, but nothing else!
Took three and a half hours at the boylston store in Boston. I'm not complaining it was my choice not to wait a couple days and I'm very happy with my new phone.
New Posts  All Forums: