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Um, this guy just wants attention. Apple is not making millions on Steve Job's story or death. And if they did, they would have much more right than this random guy that had nothing to do with Apple. So yeah, it is opportunistic.
Well you clearly didn't even read the whole article. Maybe you're bias to not-reading and just throwing-up your opinions.
I think the quote or the phrase was misused. By "flat" he means no 3D space. Mac OS is full of weird places where there's 3D space, like the dock, and then there is App Store and iTunes where the space is "flat." Flat doesn't mean Windows 8.
It looks like these are test models, prototypes. Yes the battery is probably just a placeholder just to test things. The insights do look a bit changed. The different vibrating motor, placement of wifi antenna and that huge home button.   It would make sense if 5S was Apple's biometric scanner iPhone. S for Security.
Unless iOS can catch up to 11th version, but there's no time. Maybe universal iOS11.
I really hope 10.9 is last version of OS X and iOS will take over. I want OS X to be classic OS to be used for professionals, designers, scientists, video-makers and photographers, while iOS will be used for main stream.
Is this serious. WTF? Yes and next year computers will be more powerful and faster.
It's not cannibalizing anything. iPad mini still sells all those apps, games, music, books and movies. Apple wins anyway. Apple even talked about this on their financial call. They want more people to have iPad. Doesn't matter which one.
What an evil comment. Yes, integrate everything to Google, let your streams of data flow to the master vault of privacy violations.
I don't think Apple will go after that market. They never had with any other products. They don't make cheap plastic Macbook Airs just to gain market share.
New Posts  All Forums: