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This is what happens when Apple spoils us with high resolution tech. Lol, I think apple had to introduce something at $330, even if they make 48% profit now they will introduce retina version next year for the same price at, maybe, at 20% profit. This way apple doesn't have to increase any price. They now have a device in every price csttegory, which is pretty amazing for business.
Ummm, Deja-F**ing-Vu!
Good news. Maybe Apple will finally update iOS look and move away from crazy skeumorphism.
Apple is sure focusing on iPads more than anything now. Not surprised, but other products like Mac Pro are just crying in the corner.
Apple doesn't do that. If you look through their pricing history, they don't drop anything for Black Friday or Holidays. Apple only drop price when new generation of the device is available.
That far? NeXT technology and interface was the foundation of OS 9.
Pretty amazing to see Steve talking about his philosophy and what NeXT should have been.
Something Android only dreams about.
Apple really needs to tighten security in China, not in its headquarters and labs.
Well I guess since Microsoft thinks that people only use their computers for Excel, PowerPoint and Word, that makes a lot of sense. But I like to watch movies.
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