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I think Apple's own chip running OS X will be crazy amazing. If they can pull it off that means no more Intel relationship. There's only few more years until iOS jumps to Macs.
LOL, Samsung is a mess.
Domination. Google wants to control their devices and what's shown on them. This will be a perfect way to get as many out there and show ads everywhere possible.
I find the 675,000 number to be complete lie. There's no way!!! Google counts all random, themes, wallpapers, widgets, app-keys, keyboards, lockers as apps. Which is very shady!
ok people need to chill about Apple's Maps. Google's Maps v 1.0 was horrid and full of mistakes. It takes time to build a database of the whole planet. Plus Google expected to release Maps as standalone app for iPhone any week now.
My iMessenger always worked with no problems. It seemed much faster than regular SMS.
LOL Well any other phone is made in Asia anyway? You not gonna use any technology not made in US? I guess you can buy that Google Q thing.
That's why Google wants you to download all your maps into 16GB storage. YAY!
That's just a lie and you know it.
Not that Apple can't, it wouldn't be able to. China controls A LOT of raw materials and have been stockpiling them for years. Apple might build it's own lab in US, but wouldn't be able to import the rare metals it needs. China would hike the prices so high it would not be profitable at all. That's why US needs to really rethink it's relationship with China.
New Posts  All Forums: