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Not that Apple can't, it wouldn't be able to. China controls A LOT of raw materials and have been stockpiling them for years. Apple might build it's own lab in US, but wouldn't be able to import the rare metals it needs. China would hike the prices so high it would not be profitable at all. That's why US needs to really rethink it's relationship with China.
Well Apple is already testing other suppliers like LG for their screens. It might take apple some time, but switching to another manufacturer is very possible and companies do it all the time. Samsung knows that they will not be Apple's client forever. What I really love is that Apple really thinks ahead. They bought that semiconductor company years ago, bought FLASH RAM company in Israel, Mapping service etc. They're really becoming independent and very slowly they...
WOW. LOL thanks for that, we're all delighted to hear your story, but $1000 is laughable number. Try more like $349.
Well, it looks long so the new size it pretty concrete at this point.
If there was no Apple, how could Samsung or anyone else have copied them? World wouldn't be a better place.
Looks like the Classic iPod (finally) will be discontinued.   My prediction: new iPod  (4" Screen, A5X processor, 3mp camera) $199 new iPod  (7'' Screen A5X processor, 5mp camera, Siri) $299 new iPod nano (return of bigger screen with a small home button, bluetooth) $149 new iPod shuffle (with touch screen) $99 new iPhone (4" Screen, Quad Core, A6 processor, 10mp camera, iWallet, meet new Siri) $199, $299, $349 w/contract   iPhone 4 (free w/contract)...
HAHA! That's why generation like yours are being left behind for such narrow thinking. Current younger and future generations will forget what "buttons" are. 
No matter what, Apple is moving its billions away from Samsung. This will not go well for Samsung. All manufacturing will not be done by them anymore. Other companies like LG and Panasonic will take Apple's business in no time!
Well it does look like the opening will be through the front panel instead of the back one, like in the current 4S. So getting to the screen will be very easy, but getting to the battery will be almost impossible. Smart/Evil move by Apple.
New Posts  All Forums: