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Ok, mr. Obvious thanks for that "analysis."
Really can't stand people saying that these are obvious! Samsung copied even same colors and place icons on screen to make it look like an iPhone. Is that so obvious? If I was a company that was trying to compete with apple, ripping off their obvious icons is the last thing I will do. Have anyone seen themes on jailbreak iPhomes? There are some most original icons I've seen. It's amazing how STUPID Samsung is. Can't even change color from green to yellow!
Not an English teacher, but I went to High School. "There" and "their" are two completely different words. Didn't even bother reading the rest.
Upcoming hardware? What? Since when? It's mostly rumors. This is rumors and news site not some Apple Prediction and Time-Line site. How is it depressing? It's more amusing and entertaining than depressing. Nations in Africa are depressing, not Apple's legal war. Go outside sometimes, its nice.
Ummm, copying is not innovating. It's not like Apple is going against every phone manufacturer in the world. Just the ones that flat out copied them.
HAHA wholly shait! It reminds of of when insecure, tiny men buy Hummers. LOL! Samsung doesn't know what else to do, copied everything they could out of Apple.
Wow HP might have few years left. If printers, scanners and pc towers with some laptops can save them for maybe 5 more years that would  be amazing. HP really dumped their only hope with WebOS. If they kept WebOS and kept developing their own computers, smartphones, tablets they might have some shot. Unfortunately, the old farts at the top of the management think that people gonna keep buying PC towers, Printers and Scanners forever. Now that they completely placed WebOS...
All Google has to do is change its OS by taking out these Apple claims. Slide to unlock is pretty simple to avoid by using two fingers gesture or even by shaking the phone a bit. There's a ton of ways to unlock a phone. Other patents would just have to be taken out our of Android and Google should see if they can license them from Apple. Google already paying $5-$15 per phone to Microsoft for their licenses.
Tim Cook is pushing right through. Looks like he's following's Job's wish to go "thermonuclear on Android!"
Good for them. Now, all other IT people need to wake up.
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