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Agg, Apple attacking a wrong company. I have a lot of respect for HTC since they actually make their own designs for phones and don't rip-off like Samsung. It's Samsung that Apple really needs to attack.
HAHA, what a bunch of BS! What world are you living in? Microsoft been playing the catch-up game since 2007 with their failed eco-system of smarphones and music players. Music business failed miserably, smartphones business fell apart, all developers left to Android eco-system and all MS got is a burning NOKIA spraying gasoline all over itself. Check your sources again. Microsoft is in a deep hole that Google keeps throwing dirt on top.
The best part is when you get an app that looks like Android 2.2 on a 4.0 OS device. Looks like you have a different phone. That's the problem with Android OS, Google changed the looks so many times all apps look different. The fitting is not an issue, looking like a complete, polished product -- is.
How is plastic phone better than aluminum and glass? Have you used Samsung TV's remote controls? That's how the phone feels. You should look into HTC ONE X and apply that logic there.
Metro UI was cool when it first came out, but it's wearing out so fast.
Hmmm, RIM, NOKIA, Microsoft all laughed at Apple back in 2007. Wow, tables have turned. 360! That's karma for you, betch!
why is anyone surprised? It is like a Giant iPad, and architecture is pretty much the same.
Well I think Apple realized that Facebook and Twitter integration kind of makes up for it. A lot of artists have both accounts and you can follow them there, no need for a third place. Apple is best at software and hardware, not at some consumer oriented networks and web-based systems. I just hope they fix and make iCloud web-version right.
Who's Omney?
I hope Apple drops naming game and call next iPhone "new iPhone" like they did with iPad
New Posts  All Forums: