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It's weird to have this part, because last two iPhone models have the screen being part of the front glass. I think it's purposely leaked prototype by Apple.
It looks like a good evolution for iPhone size. Bigger screen without much work for developers for their apps to work. Camera above the speaker also works because of the new size. I think the front is good. It's the back that I'm worrying about. If there's hybrid of metal and glass on the edges.... ahhh....
2012 will be RIM's last year. Time to pack your bags.
This kind of tech city and large project is what United States needs right now.
They should also sue God for making it rain every other day.
It will get worse before it gets better. Pretty common thing, but for these zombie stock holders it's not good enough. M-U-S-T M-A-K-E M-O-N-E-Y N-O-W!!!
Instant on*   *When you have SSD  
Haha, is that why they ripping off Macbook's design?
That page requires Microsoft's Silverlight. It already failed.
Well, Apple just gave away it's schedule for iOS 6 and new iPhone. New service will come in September with new iOS and new iPhone, that's why it's extended.
New Posts  All Forums: