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Well, Apple just gave away it's schedule for iOS 6 and new iPhone. New service will come in September with new iOS and new iPhone, that's why it's extended.
Unless Google gets serious with Tablets, this will not happen. Windows maybe, because they are pouring everything they have into their next OS. But this is predicted with this year's devices, no one knows what kind of iPad Apple is going to make in two years, or if iOS makes its way into OS X.   In conclusion, this report is BS.
Completely agree, but you can't really compare Japan's size and population to the whole United States. It's much easier in Japan.
Aha! Apple now can sue Spotify and Google Music.
So i guess this is how Apple wants to differentiate themselves from PC world. I really don't understand the retina on a mac, though. You're sitting far away that you don't see pixels. Isn't it retina already?
HP had an amazing golden egg -- WebOS, and they just threw it against the wall and let it slowly slide down to trash can. While Apple is the most inspiring story of the century, HP might be the saddest.
This is so silly. It's like those employees not gonna go and buy their own iPhones and iPads. I guess this kind of gesture really shows how behind Microsoft is and how old their management team is. This is like if Twitter told their employees they gonna block facebook at work. You can't beat competition or create something better if you don't know what every other person is using or doing with Facebook.
For once, can people chill out? The chip is running a screen resolution bigger than a 42 inch TV. It's obvious that it will get much warmer.
Why is that a surprise to anyone. Cars use older parts as well on newer models. If it works great, why make a new one?
At least Music, Developers, Books, Magazines, Higher Education and Newspaper industries are moving on into 21st century. TV industry wants it to get to the point when they're gonna be begging Apple for help. It's their choice.
New Posts  All Forums: