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China's population is in BILLIONS!!! Imagine taking just 10% of that...or even 1%. That's like total number of iPhone users in US. =)
Wish Apple just drop Intel. Apple could make their own chips. (I mean they already bought a company that makes them) =) Im sure i'll be ok I havent noticed anything with my CS3
People of the planet .mac, You need to calm down with these threats. So funny to read them I need a break sometimes. Apple will make it work, do not worry. I don't believe emails will change, probably you will have a choice of keeping @mac.com or updating it. .mac is a great product but not explained well in Apple's Dictionary. If people knew what it is, they would buy it. Just like Apple TV. (LOL) One thing i really hope they drop the Ancient Designs of iPages...
Apple is on some roll with these technologies!!! Thank god for Patent Office. Apple really thinking different. LOVE IT
oh, Sony is just jelous because Apple is smart and will not let anyone controll over their products
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