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It's actually pretty fast. I was surprised when my friend's 4G Windows phone on Verizon was slower than my 4S on At&t in DC Metro area. Maybe it depends on areas.
Wow China really wants the world to hate it.
Simple solution for Apple. Build your own factories in China, Brazil and US. Make your own machines for aluminum carving; even better, mine your own aluminum. This way no one can compete against you.
Wow that was fast. Siri, was that your work?
what's even more amazing is the diagram shows a speaker in the clip part. that's crazy. if apple can pull all these features off.....better than bread
But since the world is slowly changing to smartphones, this means that Apple will have a huge momentum and market share gain. Nokia has the best brand at the moment, but not the product.
Obviously, he's not an Apple employee; just a customer.
Oh geesh! Here goes political comments on a tech blog about a company. Great.
People should leave basements of their parents sometime and go outside. I know it's scary, but singing birds and fresh air is free.
If Apple does iPad right and positions it to the world as the only computing device you'll need then we could see same mass effect of adoption like cellphones had over landlines. People would skip desktop and notebooks all together for iPad kind of computer.
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