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But how do i set it up? is there guide i can read? Thanks
Guess not then.....thanks guys!
Hey everyone, i'm starting to learn active directory in windows server 2003 but what i want to do with parallels if possible is setup a XP VM so i can see the effect of the changes/rules i setup in active directory. Is this possible within Parallels or is it a pipe dream as it would be a fantastic learning tool. The hardware it would be running on is a 24inch 1st gen iMac with 2GB of Ram. What do you guys think and if it can be done what do i need to make sure of...
Congrats Apple and EMI!
Love this 24inch iMac i just got last week but the damm display is making me blind on the LOWEST brightness setting. That is a good thing as it will take a while for the backlight to fade out but dam i'm looking into the sun for the next few months! I've tried a few apps that bring the brightness further down but is there a universal app as they are all PowerPC and use up more ram because of it. Apart from this the iMac is a dream....Good Earth is very cool on this....
Sad to see Steve sell out like this...Pixar would of been another Disney of the future yet the short term gain is all that is being looked at. Now the Disney name lives forever while the Pixar people keep it in business.....sad day indeed.
Well my bro got a 17inch powerbook and it can only burn dvd at 2x not 8x.... I'm not alone on this have a look at these forums..... discussions.info.apple.c...UTqC.1@.68a7ba65 forums.macnn.com/showthr...&threadid=245720 I'm surprised this isn't on any news site like the track pad issue that was reported everywhere. Anyone else have this issue? Frank_t
Hi everyone....got a small annoying issue (who doesn't) I got two HD's one is 60GB which is on the 66 Bus the other is a 200GB which is on the 100 Bus. I start up from and use the 60GB daily and only have the 200GB for backup. But i want to not have it running all the time when i don't use it. So i eject it and i can hear it turn off. So far so good..... But when i eject a CD or image file it spins back up and i have to go intoo Disk Utility and mount and then...
Not for the iPod it's for the iTunes and i do care thanks
Thanks for the help people....i guess that means there is no way to reset them with out doing it manually.
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