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I have been locked out of since 7:30 am EST. Made a mistake and tried to order two of them , was shut out by the time i took one out of my cart . Bummer.
i want 700 mhz that's real 4g boy would that sell
could be a game center also could be good with bluetooth controllers
How about " isteve " lol
I have a family plan with 4 iphones. 2 are 2g and 2 are 3 g. ALL of us get dropped calls for the last 2 years and it is getting worse . we live on top of a hill 400 ft from a cell tower . 4 LTE hopefully will improve it but I want verizon .
the update erased my t v recordings on my eye tv by elgato also all my scheduling anyone have any help on how to get back my recordings ? the memory seems to have stayed the same like it is not erased but hiding lol help
i download update and it erased at least 80 gig of data on my eye tv very unhappy all my movies are gone everybody beware got any suggestions anybody how to get them back please help
[QUOTE=AppleInsider;1459365]Even after Google chief executive Eric Schmidt stepped down from the Apple Board of Directors due to anticompetitive concerns Al Gore is on Apple's board of directors and is an adviser to Eric Schmidt. That should be interesting how that is handled.
macworld does updates
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