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I was just thinking of another... the ability to sign into youtube, and rate the videos from your phone
Mine was doing that, so I went to the Apple store, and they gave me a new phone
I've got my iPhone working with WPA both at my house and my business
I haven't tried the direct wifi between my Mac Pro and the ATV yet. I have only tried with the ATV connecting to my Access Point
1 - I have not yet had them even see each other. 2 - the Mac Pro does have wifi, so maybe I could set up another network specifically between the Mac Pro and the ATV. That's not a bad idea. 3 - Yes, but the drop isn't where the ATV is hehe. Thanks, I'm going to go try stuff haha
I was reading through a thread like this on another forum, and I figured it would be nice to see what people thought over here For me: MMS Multiple recipient SMS copy/paste Different signatures for each email account
Good Story! Recently my iPhone wasn't playing any youtube videos, so I brought it to the Apple store, and they exchanged it for a brand new one, no questions asked. Glad to see service is going the right way!!
So far, I haven't had much issues with my service. I'm in upstate NY near Rochester. In fact, in my office, I get worse reception with my Verizon than with my iPhone.
I'm a long time lurker, but finally joined and decided to post my issues to see if you all had any other ideas. As far as I can tell, Apple has specifically stated that if you cannot see your aTV in iTunes, that you need to make sure it is in the same subnet. However, my AppleTV is in my conference room at my business and its set to use Wireless which is on a different subnet than my Mac Pro, which is on my gigabit wired network. Do you guys have any ideas? Should I...
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