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I still think everybody should wait until later this evening to ensure that my 8am PST download goes smoothly...
The bad part about the first day is slow servers. If you catch it at the wrong time, it could tie your phone up for hours if the servers are slow- once you start you have to see it through to the end. It is probably best to wait until the end of your day to start the process.
And a sweet 3 hour battery life!
Here we have some reviews of the latest mobile flash on the New HTC Incredible just released Thursday:
Still using our 1st gen iPhones around the house as iPod touch clones and remotes for Apple TV, etc...
The larger battery will be negated by a faster processor. I think the battery life will stay about the same.
I believe this is a software problem. It only happens to me using 3rd party apps. Hasn't happened in Safari or downloading over iTunes, etc...
Yes all of those multi touch games will work great from your couch...
You guys are way off. I write texts (educational) for the music industry. The actual cost for materials and printing for a book is well below $3. and educational books don't sell that well- so they are more expensive to produce. What you are paying for already is mostly content- to the author and publisher. Don't expect prices to come down that much.
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