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When my brother was 17 he had sex with his 16 year old girlfriend = They were caught by her dad and he has been a registered sex offender since 1987 because of this.
Just catching this? I guess you weren't around for the Zune ads.
Not bloody likely. Where do you guys find this stuff?
I'm having a problem where about 1 hour into any program or movie the audio from the TV (that I purchased yesterday) gets a static like noise (that accompanies every word or any music). If I switch to a new program keeps happening. If I switch the cable to another HDMI input on my tv it goes away for a few minutes then comes back. I'm going to go buy another HDMI cable now and swap them out. Short of that, I'm going to take the unit back and exchange it Sunday (unless...
Instead of disconnecting it several times, I did this: Click on the actual itunes store, then click on your iphone icon in itunes. Do this repeatedly and eventually the error message will not appear and it will finish your install. I did this about 5 times and then WALAH! Took 2 minutes to complete the update and my phone is now working.
It seems Apple's servers are overloaded. Perhaps they should have staggered the release of the software. I too have been bricked for over an hour. If you have a 1st gen. iPhone and are reading this- hold off on the 2.0 software update for a few days.
When setting up our office of 19 24 inch iMacs, we removed the glass from the machines of those that didn't like the glossy.
Took me 14 minutes total. Hooray for living in the sticks!
3 sets of speakers in the pic:Yamaha NS-10M M-Audio BX5-ABose system (I forget the model #)I'm a musician (teach music at a college) I used to be a recording engineer.
My recording setup http://img150.imageshack.us/img150/6793/1001020oc9.jpg
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