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Some friends of mine had their G4 die the other day (power supply bought the farm) and they immediately ordered a new iMac (which will arrive tomorrow). I removed the HD from their G4 and put it in a FW enclosure. It works fine. Will I be able to successfully connect it to the iMac when it prompts me to connect to the old computer for the tranfer of files? Thanks p
As long as you're sure about that... I like what you've done, and think the user should be able to move and choose positions.
Sort by date, delete all created on the day of the update.
no problems with my update. It didn't erase my notes, or cause any other glitches.
not as good as this one: Yes, I did sell a shamrock. My first one
Is your software up to date? Mine quit doing that after the first update.
I tried it. It doesn't work well at all. I would suggest using one of the many free options available.
The life of the Li batteries are based on solid math and past usage; they didn't just take a guess. The battery will be +-5% of where Apple states it will be after 400 cycles.
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