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I tried it. It doesn't work well at all. I would suggest using one of the many free options available.
The life of the Li batteries are based on solid math and past usage; they didn't just take a guess. The battery will be +-5% of where Apple states it will be after 400 cycles.
Apple states that after 400 charge cycles, the battery will be at 80% of original capacity.
Just resell it. I'll give you $10.
I'm guessing by that statement that you don't actually own an iPhone? The whole market is jittery, but APPL has always been a scary ride. It'll go even higher that the record high by the end of the year.
MIne was doing that before the update. It's been fine ever since.
Easy install here.
I just figured it was a typical initial quality survey. Perhaps they'll send another this week now that it's been a month...
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