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same here
That did it. Thanks.
Thanks for the quick reply, but that's not working (I should also let you know that I meant adobe reader, not acrobat.
I had to install Adobe Acrobat as a plug in to Safari for a class I was teaching last semester (for some reason, Safari's built in PDF reader doesn't work with the Blackboard Educational Suite). I'm done with that and want to return to Safari's built in PDF reader and get rid of Adobe products. I'm having trouble getting things back to normal- Acrobat still wants to read the PDFs even though there is no Acrobat on my computer. How do I get things back to...
I'm a recording engineer that teaches audio recording techniques and acoustics at a college here in Mass.. I'm always amazed at the amount of Bose hate there is from the 'audiophile' crowd. Generally speaking, their mid and higher end speakers produce a very life-like representation of the source audio. When I mix an album for a label like Sony Classical or Telarc I'm mixing on a simple pair of $6k Genelecs- not an 'audiophile' system. As Visionary said, there are other...
Downgrading to Tiger I have a friend who has just purchased his first Apple. He loves it, but needs to use it for music production- Finale and Pro Tools, which do not yet have drivers ready for Leopard. Where can he find tiger to downgrade? (He's willing to pay for it). I have a Tiger install DVD, but it's pre intel so I'm pretty sure it won't work. Thanks for your advice.
You need a plug in that extracts the voice from the mix. They cost $.
Some friends of mine had their G4 die the other day (power supply bought the farm) and they immediately ordered a new iMac (which will arrive tomorrow). I removed the HD from their G4 and put it in a FW enclosure. It works fine. Will I be able to successfully connect it to the iMac when it prompts me to connect to the old computer for the tranfer of files? Thanks p
As long as you're sure about that... I like what you've done, and think the user should be able to move and choose positions.
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