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Impart more wisdom on us, Nostradamus...
I have that app  
You have scored it 4.5 but given it 3.5 stars. Which is it?
Then you don't know what you are talking about.
But if YOU read the article you will see that Apple did not censor this comic. It was done by the publisher. Is it really that hard to pick that up from the text of the article?
But pre-judging is what he does best!   (and pre-judging is what we are all doing here on this rumor site)
Ok a Logic (and Cubase) user who mainly does MIDI at home. LOL. STFU and get back to the other forums and talk about Mac stuff. Adults are talking here. I've got many plaques on my wall, and most of the plaques and trophies me and my coworkers have are due in part to working with Pro Tools.
Where is my Amazon Prime Viewer??
How did you see his comment if you have him blocked?
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