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Where is my Amazon Prime Viewer??
How did you see his comment if you have him blocked?
                  I bought my first shares of Apple with $1000 way back in the late 90s. It was going at $19 a share. That little investment has done quite well for me.
Really? Stick to the plan they've used for the past 5 years? SHOCKING!
Mikey, He likes it!
How will this be cheaper than the free iPhone 4?
No, each Apple genius should be issued their own car in store for protection, and each customer will drive their own in store.
After my first iPhone in 2007 I stopped wearing watches. I know some may need to still wear, but in my profession (college prof.) it's really not needed. I have a repeating alarm for the end of class (and the students know what the duck means). It would take an entire iPhone's functionality on the arm to get me to even consider wearing one again.
LOL. You can't even get an Apple TV to work? And you've been trying for months now with no solution? How did you even find this web page? How do you eat without choking?
Built to order items are often marked US.
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