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LOL. You can't even get an Apple TV to work? And you've been trying for months now with no solution? How did you even find this web page? How do you eat without choking?
Built to order items are often marked US.
Sure a total cock up. They said they wouldn't be available until November and they weren't available until November...
Then you'll miss out on the MEGAretina display that will launch in 2015...
Zune Phone FTW!!!! LOL
Right no cellular option (and only 3G on smaller models). LOL
You should probably avoid Twitter then. And Facebook. and Cable TV. And satellite TV. And any public utilities.
                    OK. See you in 2016.
Report reaffirms RUMOR that 13 inch Macbook Pro  with Retina display will launch this year
True. At home backup is dated. It took one minor house fire in 2006 for me to see the advantage of cloud storage (or before there was 'cloud' for iTunes- off site storage). If any of your backups are local and not entirely fire/theft proof, you are wasting your time.
New Posts  All Forums: