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                    OK. See you in 2016.
Report reaffirms RUMOR that 13 inch Macbook Pro  with Retina display will launch this year
True. At home backup is dated. It took one minor house fire in 2006 for me to see the advantage of cloud storage (or before there was 'cloud' for iTunes- off site storage). If any of your backups are local and not entirely fire/theft proof, you are wasting your time.
A 'Looser' eh? You ARE a perfectionist.
You are a genius. You discovered the secret that so many other could not see. Please tell us, oh great one, what other manufacturing ills you can correct from seeing the price of one component?   The cost of my windshield wipers to Toyota is $11. THEY SHOULD TOTALLY BE CHARGING $11.00 FOR MY CAR!!
Still more useful than Google+
Here's a fact: you don't understand the difference between an opinion and a fact. Step away from the computer and come back after you have completed the sixth grade.
Gee, I wonder how they have avoided these problems with the mag safe connector? I mean any one-year-old that stick the power adapter in his mouth...
So if you watch one HD movie how much data will you use on your 250MB plan?
Make the font larger, Gramps.
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