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Gee, I wonder how they have avoided these problems with the mag safe connector? I mean any one-year-old that stick the power adapter in his mouth...
So if you watch one HD movie how much data will you use on your 250MB plan?
Make the font larger, Gramps.
  LOL Good one. If you are 12 years old, that might be a semi-valid statement.
Wow, an "international" outage. That sounds serious. 
I've had Java disabled in my Safari security prefs for years (something similar to this was going around, I suspect). What am I missing by not having Java enabled? As far as I can tell, the sites operate quite well without Java.
This same issue was reported with the iPad 1. It was a non-issue.
I wouldn't expect much thinner when we jump to quad core. The battery will be bigger, making the phone as thick as it is now.
Remove the glass and there's your matte screen.
not this again...
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