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at my workplace (a large state University) "easier to work with" means the IT staff have iPhones or their friends have them and they realize they aren't that hard to coordinate with. We've come a long way since 2007 when IT said they wouldn't support iPhones on the wireless network- now all IT are issued iPhones.
128GB? Will it have iCloud to store my music and everything else?
no over the air updates yet?
What does Apple have to do with Adobe releasing consumer grade, tiered products? Or are you just trolling again, Tech Stud? Don't you ever get tired of it?
So did they take the phone back or what? The details a missing.
When I had cancer, I was allowed to park in the Handicapped spots.
They need to have this on the iPad and port it for Lion. I've sent a few and they look great.
"to unlock gestures on a touchscreen device"Having a tough time with reading comprehension?
Exactly. Just like the iPad/iPhone. Who would ever buy one of those and be a veal?
I consider myself quite the idiot when it comes to cloud services and integration. I had no trouble moving my .mac and mobile me services to my three computers and 5 iOS devices.
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