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They need to have this on the iPad and port it for Lion. I've sent a few and they look great.
"to unlock gestures on a touchscreen device"Having a tough time with reading comprehension?
Exactly. Just like the iPad/iPhone. Who would ever buy one of those and be a veal?
I consider myself quite the idiot when it comes to cloud services and integration. I had no trouble moving my .mac and mobile me services to my three computers and 5 iOS devices.
Where is it?
A photo tribute with reactions around the world_ http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2...5-2011/100164/
I don't believe Apple has any exclusivity with iTunes movies- I see the same movies available at Amazon, etc... The only thing "hindering movie companies from distributing their catalogs" is their own ineptitude.
With previewers of the Windows 8 tablet saying it is almost up to par with the iPad 1, why would they hurry?
LOL Is that you, DaHarder?
Your name choice certainly testifies to that!
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