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With previewers of the Windows 8 tablet saying it is almost up to par with the iPad 1, why would they hurry?
LOL Is that you, DaHarder?
Your name choice certainly testifies to that!
but, but it's just a toy!!!
Obviously you are not qualified to have an intelligent discussion on design matters. If squared corners and rounded corners look the same to you, design is over your head and you had best sit this one out.
LOLGood one.
Install went fine, except when I drag any file from the desktop to the HD, I have to enter a password to drop the file to the hard drive. Each time... Exact wording: "The item “On A Clear Day.mp3” can’t be moved because “KJ HD” can’t be modified." Then it gives me the option to authenticate or cancel. If I authenticate, I have to do it over again when I drag another file. Thanks,
I actually lol'ed
There were two White 32 gig iPad 2s at my local Target today.
You should probably learn the difference between the words cover and case, then reread the article and then you can participate in the comments section with the grownups.
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