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Really? Is that what you got out of my comment?
So a one piece aluminum laptop body is the same quality as a multiple piece plastic laptop body? Maybe you should consider wearing a helmet the next time you get on that skateboard.
Black turtle necks and blue jeans...
And you're still bitching about it..
Maybe you should read the article. This is about retail.
It was a kid's movie. perhaps you're taking it (or yourself) too seriously.
I'm hoping it will become more useful soon. I'm a music professor and spend upwards of $150 per month on iTunes. Mostly jazz (what I teach). Yet my recommended artists?- Lady GaGa and Shakira. what am I, 17 years old?
It doesn't seem like it would be hard to upgrade the legacy AppleTVs to the new software. I'd love to be able to stream netflix through my old apple tv rather than the power sucking PS3...
Everybody was screaming for multi tasking- these rules are in place to allow that. If you are running the iPod or Pandora how would you be able to change volume if you needed to while using this app?
Pixar seems to do ok with it, and Skywalker Ranch Recording studios- lots of professions get along fine with SL. What is it you say you do that is too complicated for SL?
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