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  Coincidentally, Amazon owns Zappos
  Homerism at it's finest.  Only Apple tells the truf.
  Relax.  I think he's just saying that it was a lost opportunity to have an even better quarter
  Your parents must be quite proud... just another one of your great life accomplishments
Quote by yojimbo007 - "Wonder why apple does not tash samsung in their adds.. Simple. They have class and they dont need to trash talk someone else to sell their product." I take it you've never watched the "I'm a Mac" campaign
  Apparently, you didn't really learn how to read   You get 250 MB per month   Here it is in big font, w/ purdy pictures and colors - should make it easier for you:  
  Haha, nice - I see what you did there.
  You're not helping.
  As a CPA, I'd like to point out audited numbers and common sense have little correlation   You should try to use the latter more often
:roll eyes: You got it all figured out, huh?It couldn't possibly have anything to do with Amazon providing superior customer service and prices that their competitors couldn't match? Rather, it's all just a part of a conspiracy to take over the world one book at a time......but when Apple crushed it's competitors with the iPod, it was purely because of superior service and quality; nothing more.The hypocrisy displayed on AI is astounding
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